Hello, My name is Alan and I first started collecting Wedgwood in 1975 and have been collecting ever since. Over the years I have had taken breaks in collecting for a few years and have been tempted but never quite able to part with many of my prized pieces.

I have amassed quite a large collection of Wedgwood and now find that I am going to have to sell a few pieces as my collection is too large to display. I would prefer to have it passed onto another collector who can appreciate and display the pieces as they should be.

Recently I have started to specialise in particular periods of Wedgwood and I am particularly interested in older Black Basalt pieces from the 19th century.

I find a lot of my pieces via ebay, other collectors, auctions and sometimes second hand shops. I sometimes purchase pieces from antique dealers and shops but usually these days it’s via ebay providing I can guarantee the piece is genuine.

As online purchases via ebay or other auction sites can not be examined in person I will take great care to research the sellers feedback. I find that on the whole most people are genuine and if there is a problem such as a mark etc that is not noticed by the seller most people are keen to rectify the problem.

I hope that you find my site useful and if you would like to drop me a line please feel free to do so.