Welcome to Collecting Wedgwood. This site is dedicated to my hobby of researching and collecting Wedgwood. I'd like to hear from other Wedgwood collectors and share tips and experiences and most importantly talk about our favourite Wedgwood pieces.  I also have pieces of my private collection of  Wedgwood for sale and if you would like further information of the items please feel free to contact me.

I get many requests for information on particular pieces of Wedgwood and whilst I do my best to answer questions at times I also seek advice from other collectors so have decided to introduce a Facebook Page whereby visitors can now submit questions with photos of Wedgwood pieces to other Wedgwood collectors and enthusiasts. Please Note the Facebook page is not for the purpose of selling items but rather information gathering.


This site has no affiliation with the Waterford Wedgwood company and the Information provided at this site is based on my personal insights and research as a collector over many years. I do of course welcome feedback and information exchange with other Wedgwood collectors